Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Easing Up Anxiety and Intimidation in Writing UK Dissertations

If you are an undergraduate studying at one of the universities and colleges in the United Kingdom, perhaps it would be very advantageous for you to learn how to write a dissertation . If you are from outside the UK, you might be a little confused as to why undergraduates have to write dissertations. Well, UK dissertation is different from the ones in other countries. While dissertation in other countries could mean research work done by students taking up master’s and doctoral courses, dissertation in the UK typically refers to work done by undergraduates.

When writing a UK dissertation, you may start to feel anxious and intimidated. You may feel intimidated because of the sheer size of a dissertation, could contain as much as hundreds of thousands of words. You may also feel anxious because it could the first time that he will undertake an academic project this large and complicated. However, there are several tips and pointers could help ease your anxiety and intimidation in writing UK dissertations.

Here are some of them:

  • Commence the project right away. The dissertation is a very large project that will determine whether you will be able to graduate and receive your degree. Thus, you need to have more than ample time in undertaking it. Delaying the start of your dissertation will not help you. The earlier you start your dissertation, the more you can do for the project.

  • Get a good advisor. Some students may find it unnecessary to have a good advisor for their dissertation. But you should treat it as very necessary. Although your advisor will not be the one to write your dissertation, but he will your mentor in doing so. Dissertation writing is a very complex and complicated process; you will need someone to guide you.

  • Obtain dissertation examples. It could be hard to write a UK dissertation if you do not know how it is structured and how its contents are laid.  You could learn all these things and others if you have a dissertation example at hand. This is truly learning by example exemplified.
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