Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Things that Prevent Students from Writing Quality Human Rights Essays

Human rights are one of the aspects of society that has been debated and discussed throughout the ages. While it can be said that human rights is more respected today than in the past, it cannot be denied there are still issues concerning the rights inherent to inherent to all human beings, regardless of nationality, sex or religion. These just issues are some hot topics discussed and tackled in human rights essays.

Writing a human rights essay could be simple and trouble-free for some university students, especially those who have the writing skills and the composition know-how. They have the capacity and capability to write quality human rights essays. However, there are things that prevent some students from writing such quality academic pieces. What are these things?

   Neglecting instructions provided by the assigning professor. Instructions are so far the best guides that a student could get when writing a human rights essay. They guide the student on what he should do and what he should not do. Taking for granted these essay instructions could make a student confused on what to do on his composition. 

   Starting the writing activity near the given deadline. Some students seem to have made it a habit to delay the commencement of their writing tasks until the last minute. This is a very risky move, especially that compositions submitted after the deadline are either considered as failed or given low grades. Also students who write their compositions at the last minute have the tendencies to rush their works, resulting to low quality essays.

   Relying too much on own knowledge. While it is good to have a lot of ideas and transform them into a composition, it is however counter-effective to write an essay that lacks researched information. These types of compositions may look good, but they lack the qualities of credibility and reliability.

   Writing without outlining. It is rather difficult to arrange the contents of an essay if the writer does not employ an outline. An outline provides a student a convenient way of organizing the contents of his composition. Without an outline, the essay could become confusing and incoherent.

It is necessary for students to know the things that prevent them from writing quality human rights compositions. If they acknowledges these things and act to avoid them, they could be on their way to composing high quality human rights essays.

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